Our greatest asset has been our commitment to providing technical knowledge to several young people through the creation of platforms for quality training in installation methods and associated safety issues. This has helped us to deliver quality and timely projects and provide a large pool of skilled labour for the emerging renewable energy sector. It is not therefore surprising that we have no fewer than 60 trained and skilled technicians who are capable of delivering quality solar installations in quality time and this has in no little way enhanced our growth.

Some of the projects that we have been involved in within this period are underlisted:

  • Installation and Commissioning of 55Kw hybrid solar system to fully power a bank Branch
  • Installation of several Solar Power installations ranging from 10kW to 15kW in schools and Primary Health Care Centre in Lagos State in the Phase I of the Lagos Solar Project.
  • Installation of a 25kW Solar System at the Primary Health Care Centre Eredo-Epe, Lagos State.
  • Installation of Solar street lights.



Contact Information

  • Address: Adelat House, Amuwo-Odofin-Ago-Okota Palaceway, Amuwo-Odofin Lagos.
  • Phone: (+234) 816 526 9612
  • Email: info@voltsandwattsng.com